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Meet Rachelle


Rachelle Castor is a mother, grandmother and early childhood educator. She writes from the heart both short stories and picture books for children and families. When she received the Covenant Communications Bronze Trumpet Award, 2018, for selling 100,000 books, the Mom’s Choice Award, 2019 for her Emotional Super Powers work with Pam Robinson, and the Noteworthy Award for her short story Angels in Every Storm, 2019, she recognized that steady forward movement towards one's life purpose really will pay off. Rachelle’s next visionary step is to see tools of hope for humanity find their way into the hands, minds, and hearts of children in homes, schools, social and humanitarian organizations globally. “If we can teach children who they really are and give them tools to manage their dark thoughts and heavy feelings we can help them build resilience before difficulties and afflictions cause disruptive damage. Where painful or harmful events have already taken place, these emotionally healing and inspiring truths will empower children in real ways to help them move out of the painful darkness and into the light. I believe children are the nearest thing to heaven. It is through a collaborative voice of love, hope, and wisdom that our children and our world will heal. But not everyone knows where to turn to find such tools. Mom Squads are going to power up true heroes everywhere!”

Make a Difference in Your Community 

Our Mom Squads movement began with the same questions you may be asking:

What’s the best way to build resilience in children? How do we know what’s best? Are the most successful parents lenient or strict? How do we keep children safe from the Internet, bullying, school violence, screen time, toxic air, water, and food
especially when dangers lurk in the places we thought we could trust—school, church, social programs, and even our own homes?

Most parents are doing everything in their power to protect their kids and help them thrive. Yet the task feels insurmountable and if the daily news is our report card we are failing at an impossible rate. More and more adults and children are suffering from depression, anxiety, poor health, violence, suicidal thoughts, and emotional, spiritual, or financial poverty. What can be done about this seemingly impossible dilemma?

Vision Statement


Inspiring all who care about those who have been wounded, ill, neglected or forgotten to choose healthy, hopeful, loving ways as we heal and prosper on our journey to joy.

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