1. Be Brave: It’s not easy to look inside. Most of us shut down, bury, or ignore heavy emotions. Research shows this to be damaging, mentally and physically. It’s time to learn a better way.

2. Be Informed: From books like Scared Sick, Childhood Disrupted, and What Doesn’t Kill Us, science shows that high percentages of adult disease can be linked to childhood trauma.

• Genome research indicates that early adversity creates chronic inflammation, promoting a constant drip of fight-or-flight hormones therefore changing our set point of well-being for decades to come.

• Social rejection triggers the same neural circuits that process physical injury translating the rejection into pain. Rejection feels to the brain like a broken femur—it hurts that much. Consider a child’s beliefs that are formed when they feel unvalued, unloved, unaccepted, or objectified.

• Social scientists show that fear and shame-based discipline as well as education strategies have created more harm than good. Feeling love and connection is key to staying addiction free.

• Evolutionary biologists believe that not only are physical traits passed on epigenetically but so is conditioning from human culture. Stress turns ON the trigger for hidden genetic markers called “ghosts in the genes.”

• Limbic resonance is measurable. Each thought and feeling ripples out affecting others positively or negatively. What’s happening in our inner world affects others.

• Children and teens are especially vulnerable when facing disconnection, stress, disorientation, adversity, or overload. This Emotional Super Powers Program is designed to build resilience and the confidence to manage our own inner world with reason and wisdom.

3. Be Diligent: Unmanaged stress chemicals set the stage for discord and disease. Our rising generation is the hope for finding solutions for anxiety, depression, illness, violence, addiction, and suicide.

4. Be the Change: Learn and model constructive adaptability. Be an innovator of super powered problem solving by using the prefrontal cortex to manage difficulties with wisdom and increase sustainable emotional health and wellbeing.

5. Be an Emotional Super Hero: With evidenced based modalities such as yoga, affirmations and essential oils, you can become an emotional super hero—from your heart, to your home, to hope for humanity.

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