Zoom 4-Week Challenge Calls

Influencer Introduction

We've cleared a path and created a program for emotional wellness to grow your scope of influence community-wide, as you mentor others. We would LOVE for you to join us!

  • Join our live, FREE, 4-Week Challenge Calls for Mom Squads Support (Details here). Learn to understand, access, develop and live peacefully with your own 4 emotional brains (and those of others).

  • Establish your own Mom Squad and bless many!


  • Using what works to work for YOU

  • Back to Basics + Emotional Super Powers = Sustainable GrowthOverview activity book, class booklet, tools and purpose

  • Identify team members with a compatible “pillar of purpose”

  • Create a team within your team of Super Smells™ advocates



  • Empower self, family, and team to break through blocks and flourish

  • Strengthen families and communities with emotional well being

  • Open conversations promoting sustainable emotional health  

  • Give teachers support in classroom management and test scores

  • Help children globally to feel safe, loved, strong, and capable

  • Influence sustainable results in humanitarian organizations

Zoom Call Details

April 15, 22, 29, 2002

Calls run in three-week cycles


7:00 PM MDT

Cost: FREE!

*Calls are LIVE only and are not recorded

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