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We all feel the urgency of our predicament and many of us are at the same crossroads where our fears, pain, and anger over the state of our world have us yearning and reaching for principles of change, yet with deep uncertainty. Could Mom Squads be a vehicle of healing and change that is right for you?

Before you decide, we invite you to explore and identify your own foundational pillars? Ask yourself if your deepest beliefs about the purpose of life align with our Mom Squads foundational pillars? Do any of the following inspire hope in these troubled times?

Master Mindfulness, Celebrate Strengths, Anchor in Truth, Help Every Child Shine—Whole Heart/Whole Mind, Build Sustainable Resilience, Hope For Humanity, Gratitude in All Things, Nature Play Heals, Afflictions as Teachers, Nutrition is Key, (tell us yours _____________).

If our Mom Squad core commitments touch your heart with courage we would love to have you on board. Connect with individuals and groups who believe that children are our future and that our love of the child is their future. Join our Mom Squad and see how as little as an hour a month can make your efforts count.

Mom Squads are designed to simplify your journey to wholeness, mind, body, heart, and spirit. We’ve done the work of gathering together tried and true resources designed to bring together a culmination of information and tools to help navigate through life’s difficulties. Family patterns of woundedness may keep us stuck in confusion and pain, increasing the probability of the underutilization of the whole brain and heart. When emotional wounds are healed, new perceptions shed light on options.

Our first focus tool of the decade is the Emotional Super Powers Mom Squad Kit. It’s packed full of ideas and skills that can empower your family to master struggles with wisdom. We’ve included all the ESP tools and training to get you, your family, team or someone in your community started on this amazing journey. Best of all, we have made it super easy to include someone else in your Mom Squad efforts.

Here’s how:

  1. Get One: Contribute the cost of One Mom Squad Kit + Training, a $180 value for your donation of $40.

  2. Give One: Give or Grant the FREE Mom Squad Kit to anyone you have an established relationship with and invite them to join the movement!

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